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Introduction to the Alfred universe and its technology

Below are the three main pillars on which Alfred’s algorithm was built – the unitary identification technology (Alfred label), the market value and the optimal tasting range of a product. To fully understand the added value of the application for the management of your collection, we invite you to view the content below.


What is the purpose of the Alfred label?

The Alfred label allows the association of a unique identification number on each of your bottles. The unitary identification technology is an essential traceability tool for any collector who wishes to manage their wine cellar with Alfred. The Alfred label allows you, among other things, to add, remove or move a bottle in your wine cellar.

How are market values determined?

Alfred’s algorithm is designed to identify listings for a product and its selling price on several online sales sites around the world (auction, boutiques, SAQ, LCBO, Wine Searcher, etc.) From this data, Alfred averages out values that are too low and too high to prevent outliers from altering the fair market value established for a product.

How is the optimal tasting range useful for the collector?

The optimal tasting range (OTR) is a very useful piece of information to avoid financial losses. You can thus plan the wines to be consumed during the year and put on sale the wines that you do not intend to drink. Alfred’s algorithm gathers data from several reference sites to offer a precise and reliable indicator. Whether you enjoy drinking your wines young, at their peak or in decline, our technology allows you to open each bottle at the right time.

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